Saturday, November 16, 2013

Teacher at leading Turkish university builds lesson around book

We learn today that an English teacher at Bogazici University, in Istanbul, Turkey, has built an online lesson around the key points of the Theory of Cognitive Modes.

On her blog, The Prop Room, teacher Feride Hekimgil has crafted an intriguing lesson derived from the story Stephen and Wayne wrote for the October 19, 2013, Wall Street Journal Sunday Review.

"This mind-blowing text just happens to have lent itself to some tough comprehension questions and an interesting and original writing task, all of which makes me very happy," Feride writes on her blog. "Those of you out there who are interested in science will find this riveting. If you have the background, you could compare this theory to the left brain right brain writing task as well."

"Access the online copy of the article," Feride writes, "scroll down and find the link to the quiz: 'What kind of thinker are you?'. Do the quiz and discuss the answers if you are doing this with friends or in class." Click here for a link to the quiz (and also to watch a video).

Thirteen thoughtful questions intended to spark discussion follow, and then there are two writing tasks. Here is the second:

"Imagine you are head of human resources for a big multinational which is setting up a subsidiary in a very competitive business hub; let us say Singapore, and you know what mode the applicants operate under. Who would you hire for the sales team, the research department and human resources and why? Justify your answer."

We don't know Feride, but she seems to have smartly digested some key points of the book and the Theory of Cognitive Modes. Thanks, Feride! You can read her entire lesson at here Prop Room site.

Feride Hekimgil

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