Saturday, January 4, 2014

'Startling revelations' in book, says Italian medical publication

Dossier Medicina: The Online News Magazine of Medicine goes on to explore the book, "which aims to reflect on the implications, all testable, this new way of analyzing brain and thought," according to a Google translation.

"The four modes of operation and interaction identified by Kosslyn and Miller high for the brain and the lower brain," Dossier Medicina says, "are called Dynamic ('Mover'), Thoughtful ('Perceiver'), Creative ('Stimulator') and elastic (Adaptor)." Read the full article here.

Italy is one of several foreign markets where the book is being sold (China, Japan, Russia and Korea are others). And the foreign press has paid attention since before publication, with articles in Brazil, Mexico, Korea and elsewhere.
Dossier Medicina illustration

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