Thursday, January 23, 2014

Our new Psychology Today blog debuts!

 Today, we published the first post on our new Psychology Today blog: The Theory of Cognitive Modes. We will be posting regularly -- original content, answers to reader questions, excerpts from Top Brain Bottom Brain: Surprising Insights Into How You Think, and more.

Here is how we began:

In the posts ahead, we will explore in depth the Theory of Cognitive Modes, a new way of understanding thought and behavior that, until now, has largely remained inside scientific circles. We will discuss everyday implications of the theory that might help you, the reader, in matters ranging from relationships to family dynamics to work to your own voyage of personal discovery. We promise a lively and sometimes provocative experience. We welcome input from you and we will address your observations and questions as best we can. Please write.

Read more from our maiden post and check back often for new guidance, observations, explication and more...

Stephen and Wayne: The Psychology Today blog.

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